What are you BEST at? What are your Strengths?

What are you BEST at? What are you Passionate About? All of us have strengths at something, but we’re comparing our self and doubting our self to somebody else that knows better, looks better, and we don’t go into our strength and passion.

Are you Hustler

Let me tell you this, research has done Monday morning 9:00 heart attack rate is 35% higher than any other days. Why is that? Our heart knows it’s Monday for sure. People go to work every day 9:00 to 5:00, 9:00 to 6:00, what they are not passionate about. We’re trying to go and waiting for the Friday and say”Thank God It’s Friday.”

Think about this, what’s your strength? What are you passionate about? Maybe it’s not enough by itself, so go to work. You may contribute to your life and people you know. You may know something you’re good at, and somebody can learn from you. Find that and hustle. Give all you got, and that’s ultimate happiness and freedom like you will create.

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