Secret to Success

The Secret to Success is All About Where You’re looking

Today we’ll talk about the Secret to Success. I want to share the story of how I learned to ski. My husband is a great skier, and we want to enjoy sports together as a family. As the kids and I had never skied, we registered for lessons. I was in the adult class with…

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Accidental Miscommunication

Accidental Miscommunication Via Text or Email

We are living in a digital world and we depend on our smartphones, email, and social media to communicate with people. And according to research, in less than five years we could only be using our smartphones! Things continue to move faster than ever and people expect to get answered immediately. We will be constantly texting and…

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Achieve Goals

Achieve Goals Automatically With These Advantages

Do you want more money?  A happier family or better marriage? A bigger house, maybe better health? How can you Achieve Goals automatically? It takes planning. Let’s say you are planning a four week trip to Europe. Will you make hotel reservations? Plan which countries you’re going to visit? Figure out how long you’ll stay?…

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Investing in yourself

Investing In Yourself Is The “Best Return On Investments”

People often think investing in yourself means going to college or getting more degrees. I’m not talking about the college. Invest in yourself by increasing mental strength; educate yourself on a future business possibility; maybe invest in your personal development by taking a yoga or cooking class. Many of us go through life unhappy about…

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Achieve Success

To Achieve Success Isn’t One Giant Step or One Lucky Shot

Did you know that you can actually Achieve Success one mile at a time? We all have dreams and goals, but sometimes on the road to success we get bogged down with challenges, lose sight of our aims and we find ourselves adrift. Our life becomes pale, we become less audacious, take fewer risks, achieve…

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change your life

Self-Affirmation That Can Change Your Life

You have around sixty thousand thoughts per day in your life, most of which are likely negative thoughts. You’re lacking, you’re afraid, you’re not enough, you’re a loser, you can’t do anything right. Negative thoughts lead to a negative mindset, which can lead to inaction and failure. You need to fight your negative mindset with…

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Face your Giants

How Do You Face Your Giants?

Today I want to talk to you about How do you Face your Giants. I want to talk to you about the “F” word, the FEAR. What is Fear? There are so many different Fear things that we have in our mind. So we’re actually going to learn about human emotions, about who we are.…

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5-second rule

How To Get What You Want Using The “5-Second Rule”

Today I want to talk about Getting What you Want is simple by Using the “5-SECOND RULE”. We are living a 21st century, a lot of information’s available of what you want to happen. Better relationship, better financial situations or the goals that you want to have professionally is available for you. We have books available,…

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time management

Better Time Management To Build Your Business

Do you have a good time management in your life? I think these days it’s normal, even acceptable to say, “I don’t have time,” or “I’m too busy.”  I’ve heard that from 90% of people I meet and they’ve been saying it for a very long time. This may be just an excuse, but at the…

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Inferior or Superior

Question For You: Are you Inferior or Superior?

Today I want to talk about “Are you inferior or superior?” I’m talking about outside our appearance, how we look upon. I’m in California, a lot of ladies feeling sometimes showing a lot more skins, a lot more cleavage, spaghetti-strap t-shirts, and guys wearing baseball hat, shorts and flip flops. It’s mostly about business growth,…

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