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5 Pillars To Begin Your Online Business Successfully

There are a lot of people out there who want to build their business online, and they don’t know where to start, so I’m going to share 5 pillars to begin your online business successfully.

Pillars to Online Business

Number one is Website, websites are different from our old times. They had one content, never changed their message, but these days your message on the website must clearly bring you professionally what you’re offering. People have short span to come to your website, they will see if something for them or not, so having the clear message of what you do, what you’re offering.

It’s great to have something like free resources out for them. Example if you’re a real estate broker, “7 tips for how to stage your property and get your top dollar”. Or if you’re network marketers, “11 ways to generate leads online”. Something like that can give value to them, so they can keep coming back to you where you can capture the e-mail address, sending more information in the future as well. That’s the website you can create.

Number two is the Social Media. As you guys know, social media is so vital, everything is connected now. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Facebook Live is something new, you can shoot a Facebook Live 30-minute video of yourself on your personal pages. On Instagram, you can create videos or photos you can share and drive the traffic to your website.

YouTube when sharing videos, keywords you can use and put it out there. As you know, Google owns YouTube so Google will automatically pull your video up using the right keywords. Social media evolves our personal lives at the same time also our business life lately, so get onto social media and connect your business as well.

Number three is Content. When I say content, a lot of us say, “Okay, what am I going to write about?” We’re all afraid of what we’re going to write about our content, how to write things. The content is what you want to share, just Google it. Find some information that relates to you and gets  more knowledge about it and write something that you believe. Also, when you’re not good, hire somebody. You can use the iWriter. Watch somebody’s content, they will write something for you.  You can also REPOST somebody else’s content, but make sure you can actually credit the person that originally created it.

You can do so in a blog to create your contents or webinars. Different from back then you can create the webinar or shoot a one where you can share more than one time to your website, your YouTube, and also your social media as well. Webinars can push your content,  your videos as well.

Pillar number four is a Video. As you know, videos are the future of our life. As I mentioned in the past, it becomes more valuable. In time more people will watch, easier to people can understand and they can get their contents out from you.

When you’re making a video, have a welcome, watch it clearly, watch what you’re offering on what you’re going to talk about. If you’re selling something , it’s really important to have in your business or online presence through the videos because it involves everywhere, your websites and your blogs and everywhere as well.

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Number five is Knowing your Numbers. All of the things you do, you want to drive your traffic to your website. Drive traffic to actually creating income for yourself, revenue for yourself, so knowing your content, how many leads you’re pulling, what’s the customer ratio, what titles works better, which videos works better, and you can do that you can monetize what you know about.

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Thank you so much for reading my blog post about online business, I hope you’ve learned something valuable today! If so, please share and leave a comment below, have a great day!

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