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8 Marketing Tips on How To Increase Instagram Followers

What is the number one concern on your Instagram account? I’m sure many social media marketers will say it’s on how to increase their followers. But how can you Increase Instagram Followers? Did you know that this Popular photo-sharing app has more than 300 million daily users?

It appears like advertisers may be sharper than any time in recent memory to get to know Instagram for their business. Whether you’re growing your own account or working for the company, read on and find out the best tactics on how to grow your Instagram profile.


Tips on How To Increase Instagram Followers


1. Pick a Theme and Stay consistent

Instagram users are being very deliberate in the things that they post, creating themes resulting in beautiful feeds, each photo perfectly transitions to the next.

Here are some ideas to help you to come up with a theme:
– Get inspiration from your favorite feeds.
– Crop your images the same way
– Use the same filter to your photos
– Take Pictures of the Same Subject
– Always think about every picture you post

Here are some of my favorite Instagram Feeds:

Motivation-Luxury-Success – @words_worth_billions

Instagram Followers - Words worth Billions


Daily Greatness – @dessertbae

Instagram Followers - Food


Caitlin – @cmcoving

Instagram Followers - cmcoving


OOTD Magazine – @ootdmagazine

Instagram Followers - ootd magazine


2. Be Consistent with Posting Schedule

Post at least once a day. Your Account will not grow if you don’t post for a week or few days. Your audience always expects your content that’s why it is important that you constantly deliver what they want.

You can use Buffer for Scheduling your photos on Instagram.

Instagram Followers - buffer

Every photo is an opportunity to attract new Instagram followers.


3. Use well thought out hashtags

With Instagram’s new algorithm, hashtags have become very valuable. Research relevant and trending hashtags for your target audience. Remember you can use 30 hashtags per post.

Here’s an example of my Instagram post. I used hashtags relevant to what I’m doing.

Instagram Followers - with Ray Higdon

4. Use Instagram’s Geotag Feature

Add location to your Photos – Places where you’re at or places where your target audience would be at.Example, when you post a MEME about McDonald’s, tag McDonald’s. In that way, people who are into McDonald’s and search that tag will see your post. Chances are they’ll follow you when they like or laugh at your meme.

Example, when you post a MEME about McDonald’s, tag McDonald’s. In that way, people who are into McDonald’s and search that tag will see your post. Chances are they’ll follow you when they like or laugh at your meme.

Here’s a post of Mafalda de Castro, she Geotagged Notre Dame – Saint Michel

Instagram Followers - Notre Dame - Saint Michel

5. Post at Optimal times for your audience

Research when your audience is most likely online and post at those times. In my case, I schedule 4-5 times with 2-3 hours interval to each photo, I do it during daytime since my target audience is mostly active during daytime.

Figure out what’s the best times for you.


6. Create Pleasing and Shareable Content

You should not only create relevant and interesting content, it should be also pleasing and shareable. If someone wants to share your beautiful image, but you’re running a huge ad over it, nobody is going to repost it.


7. Watermark your Original Contents

You should put a watermark on your all original content so that people would know who made it and who the credit should go to if they want to repost it.

Here’s my example. In this post, I put “@victoriaerfle” (my username) after the quote. I also put “” at the very bottom right of the photo.

Instagram Followers - Victoria Erfle

8. Tag Larger relevant accounts in your Photos

You can tag celebrity accounts on your uploads. For example, if you post a motivational or quote of the day photo about Oprah Winfrey, you can tag her account and other motivational accounts. This will notify them and chances will be reposted your photo or follow you.

Here’s my example. When I posted a photo with a quote of Oprah Winfrey, I tagged her Instagram Account.

Instagram Followers - Oprah Winfrey

Bonus: Anatomy of the Perfect Instagram post

Here’s a Great Infographic made by Made Freshly that might help you too.

Instagram Followers - Perfect Instagram Post


What are your Instagram Experiences? I hope you learned something valuable on how to Increase Instagram Followers. What are you waiting? Try these marketing tricks, this is only the start of your success on Instagram.


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