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Easy Ways to Increase Your Facebook Content Shareability

Do you want to reach more people engage with your Facebook posts? How can you increase your Facebook content shareability? If you have more likes, comments and share on your posts, the more likely your contents will be seen.

In spite of many brands and businesses moving to other social media platforms, Facebook is still the best place to market your product grounds that it has already more than 1.7 billion active users, it is the most used social media channel among Americans.

In this article, you’ll learn some easy steps on how to get your content shared on the Largest social network, it will guarantee higher engagement for your brand.


8 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Content Shareability


1. Create a Highly Shareable Facebook Content

You need to create a highly shareable content if you want people to share your Page posts. “Highly Shareable” means that the content you are posting is relevant to your audience and urges people to share it.

Your content must make people stop scrolling. Facebook calls this as “Thumb Stopping” because the majority of users uses Facebook on their mobile. When your audience pauses and reads your Facebook content, they should feel an instant urge to share it.

Check out this video from Tasty that shows how to make delicious Mozzarella Sticks Onion Rings. This post has received 2.9 million shares and 1.2 million likes.

Facebook Content -tasty

Create videos, graphics, or posts that are relevant. The content doesn’t have to be fancy, however, it ought to look great and be of value to your fans.


2. Include Call to Action

If you want to create a “Highly Shareable” content, you also need to ask people to engage with your post.

You can write “If you learned something with my post, don’t hesitate to share this with your friends.” or “What can you say about my article? Please leave a comment below.”

Check out this eye-catching video posted by Positively Woof during the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. They invited fans to share a picture of a pet that had passed. This video post has over 8.7 million views, 250K shares, and 22K comments. You can see the powerful bond that pet lovers have in the epic thread on this post.

Facebook content positively-woof

Create a Shareable content that includes call-to-action, align this post with a trend or holiday related to your business so your fans would engage with it.


3. Use Facebook Live Regularly

One of the BEST ways to incorporate more video is by using the FACEBOOK LIVE regularly on your page. You can start doing 1 LIVE BROADCAST a week and plan your broadcast ahead of time to get best results.

Check out this post of Ted Yoder -National Hammer Dulcimer Champion, he does Facebook Live concerts from his backyard. He also makes an announcement ahead of time to give his fans an advance notice.

His video Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on hammered dulcimer had over 84 million views, 1.6 million shares, and 2.6 million likes. He was also featured in the Huffington Post.

Facebook Content Ted Yoder


4. Choose the Right Timing

If you are sharing your Facebook content at a time when most of our audience is asleep or work, there’s a huge chance that your post might not get seen or the number` of shares it deserves.

Kissmetrics broke down how the performance of different types of social media content changes as per timing.

According to their data, most Facebook Shares occur on weekends, especially on Saturday. Thursdays are the worst.

Facebook Content kissmetrics

Buzzsumo also supported the fact that Saturdays and Sundays are the best days to post on Facebook. Hours between 9PM to 11PM are performing the best.

According to their study, there’s too much competition during the day, it results in less engagement rate for daytime posts.

Facebook Contents buzzsumo

When you’re determining your right timing to post, study your Facebook Insights to know when your audience is most active.


5. Keep it short and Simple

If you are aiming for increased shares, lengthy captions may not be the best choice for you. Remember that people are using Facebook to socialize, not reading.

Keep it short and straight to the point!

Here’s another analysis from Buzzsumo. This study shows the performance of different lengths of Facebook posts and it who’s that shorter descriptions are receiving more engagement.

Facebook Content buzzsumo-2


6. Use Emoticons

Did you know that using emoticons in your posts play a significant role in your Facebook share rate? Using emoticons can improve your share rate up to 33%.

Check out how Wendy’s captioned their post with a heart emoticon.

Facebook Contents wendys

Emojis make you appear friendly and add a personal touch in your interactions, but do not overdo it because it can also turn off people.


7. Encourage Shares through Contests and Offers

Showcasing your contest or offer through visual content can help you generate more shares. Few ways to improve share through contests are by; Setting the Rules, Deciding on the Prize, and Displaying of Details.

Here’s an example of displaying some important details for your contest though picture.

Facebook Contents dunkin-donuts


8. Monitor Other Facebook Pages

Always check out what’s working for other business in your industry.

How to monitor other pages? Go to your Facebook Page Insights and search for and set the Pages to Watch. Facebook will send you notifications of what’s popular on other pages. You can also use a free third-party tool like SumoRank.

Facebook Contents pages-to-watch

If there’s something that engages you, it will likely engage others too

You have now an idea what to do and what type of Facebook contents to create if you wanted to get more engagement. You will surely have a higher brand visibility if you generate more shares.

What are you waiting for? Get started with these tips to optimize your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

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