Critical Things to Run Your Business

Adapt These 2 Critical Things to Run Your Business

A lot of us business owners, small business owners, salespeople, real estate people, net home marketers, any shape or form you’re running the business, technology changed a lot around us, and sometimes you feel behind. Instead of learning that to be slowing down your business progress wise, here are 2 critical things to run your business, so actually you can spend time on what you’re good at.

You can outsource through Virtual Assistant, or There’s a lot of qualified people that will do for you at an hourly rate and per job wise, you can easily hire. There’s a lot of great systems to do so instead of that. So actually instead of you learning the system for 3 or 6 months and getting it up and going, maybe you can hire somebody that can get it done in 2 weeks so you can actually create the income that you want to create, what you’re good at instead of learning new systems or what you don’t know about.

Second of all, leverage your time. Anything you need to hands on, if you can record it or document it so actually you can leverage it up on somebody your assistance. they can do it for you, even somebody answering the phone for you, actually, there’s a script available. How to go through areas, how to phone the leads go to certain areas, any business that you are in. Leverage that, creating a documentation, what to do for when they come in. If they are an assistant working from Monday through Friday, Monday through Saturday, the system what they need to do, pulling the report weekly basis, pulling the report even monthly basis, they’ll do it for you so you don’t have to manage every time.

When you’re replacing somebody, it’s really critical having that to the documentation available for you. Better yet these days, recording is so much easier you can show the screen, you can coach them directly about it in the video recording what they need to know job wise and what are you expecting out of it, so leverage your time, spend time with our family, do what you want to do.

I suggest that you do 2 things, outsource it and also leverage your time to do. If you need to repeat it, just record or have a documentation ready for you to either, dropbox available. Send it out to anyone to leverage your time.

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