It’s my Birthday today and I’m ready for a New Chapter in my life! 



Yeah, it’s my birthday today!  How do you spend your birthday?
Many of us have mixed feelings about our birthdays, how many years has been past and counting on regretful things, would, should and could’ve done.
Besides celebrating with your family, friends to eat out and drink a bit, it’s time to capture the moment who you have been and where your next few decades ahead.
Ask a few questions and definitely counting on grateful things in life as well!
Did you live how you intended?
Have you been bold with your dreams and goals that you set out?
What’s your short term and long term goal today & tomorrow?
I jawed down 47 things (I’m 47 years today) that I’m grateful for and happy for, guess what… I can’t believe I’m so lucky and happy right now.
This exercise gives me juice to look forward to tomorrow and the goals that I can reach.
47 things that I’m happy and grateful for  – 
  1. I’m thankful to be born with the healthy body.
  2. I’m happy that I have a brother and a sister.
  3. I’m so thankful for my parents who work so hard with all their ability ( they did not finish middle school)
  4. I’m blessed to be a Christian & Born in Christian Family.
  5. I’m happy that I’m Korean (it comes with Pros and Cons 😃)
  6. I didn’t have parents involved in my childhood (Parents were working all the time), so I know what I need to do for my kids.
  7. I’m grateful that my parents are entrepreneurs (mistakes and failures as much important as success one)
  8. I have a wonderful mother that assertive and demand more for life.
  9. I have parents that trust me 100% at what I do
  10. I’m so so grateful that I have parents are who are healthy and alive.
  11. I’m so thankful to my in-laws for my husband.
  12. I’m thankful to live in America with fair opportunities with less prejudice.
  13. I have a fantastic husband who loves me unconditionally.
  14. I’m grateful to be a mother and have 2 wonderful, healthy boys that God trust me with.
  15. I found entrepreneurial spirit in me to thrive in my life.
  16. I’m so happy that I have several mentors that I trust and follow their steps.
  17. I had a successful career and now building more passionate and fulfilled next level of life.
  18. I’m glad to keep speaking and writing even without my perfect English (some people may like my contents, some won’t, that’s okay with me)
  19. I’m proud that I will never rest on raising the best life I can provide for my kids.
  20. I’m grateful that I can help my parents financially (I can’t be okay if my parents aren’t)
  21. I know I’m not close to being a perfect wife, perfect mom, and perfect friends or family member.  Honestly, perfect is overrated, I rather be better and that’s what I expect from others!
  22. I’m stocked to work at home to have the freedom to do what I want most of the time, LOL
  23. I’m so lucky to be born in this 21st century with so many possibilities and anyone can advance.
  24. I’m glad that I’m self-aware who I am, not just listening to outside voices.
  25. I’m grateful that I have a generous heart and knowing Giving is the best fulfillment.
  26. I’m so happy that my husband is completing me what I’m lack at.
  27. I’m so aware that my thoughts become my reality soon or later. It’s Always been!
  28. I’m grateful to pray anytime and it gives me comfort and trust that we are okay.
  29. I’m happy that I don’t have many friends, but I have trusted people that I can come to.
  30. I’m glad to know life is happening for me, not happening to me! (it has reasons)
  31. I know I may not have all the resources, but I know how to get help & Be resourceful.
  32. I’m glad to be a woman, we have more emotions and more talents!!!
  33. I know that I’m not stuck at “HOW”, knowing Reasons will overcome my “HOW” skill part (Life is about 80% psychology 20% skills), let’s not stuck at 20% ONLY.
  34. I read slow (English as a 2nd language, my excuse, ha) I know I will read at least a book a week to be more intelligent to make the right decisions in life.
  35. I’m so grateful to be healthy and making the right choices for family (kids will eat what we give)
  36. I’m so happy to live in California where we can enjoy and experience more.
  37. I’m grateful to be who I am, many flaws to make it right by doing it, I’m learning and Growing, Life is about Journey (I think Life isn’t a destination to be, have somewhere, the Journey that we go through to enjoy & create happiness)
  38. I’m acknowledging myself that I’m a better person than yesterday and last year and Still progressing, LOL
  39. I’m so looking forward to this year and another 47 years of my life to unfold, cause I’m driving it! (I will be 94 years old in 47 yrs, what would I say to myself… I will say it now “Well Done”)
  40. I’m glad to met people and opportunities that I came across 20 some years in professional life, I won’t regret it a bit (there were tears and agony, but each gave me lessons)
  41. I’m a mom of 2 boys which means I get to have fun and challenge me with the toughest challenge… Raising HUMAN best way. yippee!
  42. I get overwhelmed just like 97% other people, but acknowledge and willing to un-overwhelm and un-stressed at times!
  43. I’m incredibly adaptable, I may fuss and temperament for a bit, but I’m committed to change.
  44. I’m grateful that God is my shepherd and he leads me to pasture and get me out of tumbleweeds when I’m in trouble.
  45. Most thankful that I know where I’m going and work on myself to reach my goals and dreams, take people with me through the journey.
  46. I love helping people in life and business, cause I know I’ve been there, I’m in and out at times with challenges.
  47. I love working and building business myself to be part of the community about who I’m am, what I can be.
Don’t wait to count on your blessing and happy where you are at and NEVER settle for your comfort zone.  Because you are one of kind and your life up to your potential not less.   Be okay with where you come from and challenges meant to toughen you up, you are so much stronger now!
Of course, life gets you down and things that we are afraid of… Face it and go on top of that fear, you will feel like a million bucks!
You are bigger than your problems and You have so much in you that haven’t opened up and flourish in your life!
Be Yourself!!!
I hope this is helpful for you, my friend and let me know how I can serve you!
Victoria Erfle
Online Entrepreneur

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