5 simple ways to make this year exceptionally successful & achieving your goals

That’s right, it’s a new year and you probably had a few resolutions or set goals.  This time, I’m going to make things happen for sure!  Yes, I’m going to lose weight for sure and finally fit into those jeans that make you feel sexy and smile.  Yes, I’m going to be a better mom and not yelling at kids and loving them only.   Yes, I’m going to save money and make more money to travel and buy a bigger house & etc.   Have you done this?  Yes, you did and I’ve done that many and many years of unfulfilled dreams and disappointment.  Stressing your life, your family, and your future… possibly give up on dreams and just get used to looking for comfort with current life (I read your mind, right… been there, done that and it sucks!!!)

Many of us set goals in the past and haven’t made it happen, stressed out and pounding on yourself, wondering where is the true happiness, another binge on Netflix or lose yourself for a few hours on a new show, but lights go out, you are right back at your reality.   We failed & failed because you didn’t have the right strategy with small action plans that actually you can.

Good news!  I’d like to share what’s been working for me and worked with many successful experts, where 5 major area in your life to live exceptionally happy and reaching your goals!  Read this and make a note for yourself what will work for you to put into practice today!

1.Your Physiology (Your Body)

  • Create Daily Ritual (Your health is 80% what you EAT, 10% exercise and 10% nutrition)
  • Eat Breakfast: when you eat breakfast!  Statistic shows that when you eat breakfast, you eat less and make a better choice for lunch.  It’s about strategy, right?
  • Food is your fuel and energy source, not a stress punching bag, ouch!  I did that ALL the time, In order to out-winning this food game, let’s be smart about this, have good snacks (nuts are great source & filling) around your office, car and at home, so you are not starving yourself and rushing for comfort food that is not a right choice for you.
  • Plan ahead for your Meal Plan for the week: like how many dinners are you making this week, what will be the breakfast & lunch.   Discuss with family, everyone on board and help each other to eat better to have healthy mind and body.
  • Give yourself a Break: maybe once a week, have a meal or dessert that you love and rewards yourself, the important thing is not to fall back and have a guilty feeling about it.  Soon your body knows what make you feel good over a long time.
  • Start with easy Exercise: If you haven’t gone to gym regular basis, it may not work well try to block 1-2 hrs a day to go to the gym, it may not happen daily then you may give up.   Start with 20 minutes 3 times or 5 times a day.  If you don’t have 20 minutes yoga or workout at home, then you may not have a life.  Of course, going to the gym is always the better choice, but if you aren’t able to then walk for 30-45 minutes, either in the morning or after dinner.  I do 20 minutes Yoga 5 days a week to give me a good stretch and 2-3 times a week elliptical or power blast work out at homes for 20-30 minutes.   So, I don’t make an excuse that I don’t have time to go to the gym.  Start small what can you do easily to move your body.

2. Your Professional Life

  • What skills do you want to learn and move on to a better career? We spend the majority of our time at work and our career.  If you don’t enjoy what you do, start thinking about what you would like to do and find out what skills you need to master to move your career to passionate work.
  • We live in the rapidly changing world, technology is advancing so quickly. Bill Gates and Elon Musk predicted that 38% of the current job will disappear in the next 8 years.  Make sure you are flexible with changing the world and advance yourself to valuable in the marketplace.  I was in real estate for 13 years and made a great income, but after how the industry has changed, more and more corporate companies are controlling the real estate communities.  My ads don’t work anymore, and consumers are looking for an answer through internet not real estate professionals.   I made my decision and move to online marketing industry that works with entrepreneurs who want to build and marketing through web, there is wonderful opportunity in this industry to help small business owners, looking to better at their marketing and create more business & same time you are inline where is constant demand for technology savvy and educate yourself in the new world.

3. Your Productive

  • Have you heard people say, “I don’t have time” Yes you probably heard many times and it sounds reasonable? When you say you don’t have time, means, your life is under stress and you are not in control.   We live in most advanced technology life ever in history, you don’t have to research anymore, just Ask Siri or ask Alexa for many things that we need… smartphone, smartwatch yet, anything you need it’s on your palm 24/7.     Perhaps we are busy Facebooking, Instagram, other social media where we don’t talk.  Average people open their social media 6 times a day.  I remember I wanted to check on Facebook for 10 minutes become 1hr or more, damn… I was stressed about picking kids up or getting ready for dinner…and I didn’t get things for that day.  I’m sure you never did this before, right?  Limit your social media time, maybe a couple of times of 15 minutes.
  • Set 3 main goals for the day and Focus on getting things done before filled up with checking emails or browsing the internet or social media that suck up your time. I check email in the morning for quick browse, lunchtime and in the afternoon. Don’t fill your day with reacting to someone else’s need.  Proactive with your priority first.
  • Set Focus block time for 60 minutes at a time to turn off email, silence your phone & block out distractions. You will be surprised how much you get done when you focus and not distracted by calls or social media so often.
  • When you get things done, you feel better about yourself and you did what you said you will do… it changes your personal life to be much happier and professional life tremendously.

4. Your Psychology

  • This is a big one, new year and new you, our emotions and mental trip you several times a day. We live in the world compare ourselves to others and constantly trip ourselves in fear, self-doubt, afraid rejection and fear of failure & many more.   We have 60,000 thoughts a day and 90% are repeated & filled with negative thoughts.  Trust me, you are DOING it right now and wondering why things are not working out and not happy.  In order to be successful life and happy, it’s critical key to have feed our mind daily and strength our mental where our emotions live.  Without this effort, it’s hard to make it right and bring joy to your life and your career.
  • Challenge yourself daily: Let Go, Learn and Optimistic no matter.  We carry our past and burned and wonder why we can’t move forward. Try this, Release tension and Set an intention every event of your daily life.  Whether you start working in the morning, having a meeting or making a phone call.  Take 60 seconds to release whatever you got going on just 30 minutes ago whether it’s good or bad, release the tension and Let Go the Set an Intension on what’s going now.  You will be more present for the moment and handle with your best effort for the result you need.
  • Before going to Bed, Let go!  Whatever happened or didn’t happen for the day, it’s in the past now, set a new intention for next day.  When you take your stress and regret to your bed, you will be carrying for next day and wonder why you don’t’ feel right when you wake up because you are triggering your subconscious when you sleep and storing your thoughts and emotions.
  • I’m a realistic person and look at things positivity and can’t help seeing negative side all the time. But also lived life for over 40 years, negative didn’t get me anywhere I want, negative thoughts get me in bad mood, self-doubt, doubt at others and judging people, future is very murky, so I decided to be annoyingly optimistic out for the new year & new life.  If not, what’s the alternative?

5. Your Exceptional Life

  • What would you be doing if money and time is not an issue?   What makes you excited about life?  Personally, I’d like to travel and experience new things and contributing to society.    We work so hard to achieve success in materials things and chasing this all your life and at the tons of regretful things we didn’t do or did do.  I believe life has bigger meaning that you are a matter on this earth, to your family, to your colleagues, what talents and skills that you may be passionate about.  I remember my husband said, “I will teach even school pay $10k a year”.  I said crap, I need to get to work to bring bacon.   I believe ultimate successful life is who he/she contributes to society to make a difference.  It doesn’t mean you should quit your job and work with non-profit, find what makes you happy to contribute to your community or society while you are building your career and abundance in life, so you can contribute more.  Bill Gates & Warren Buffet, who are two of the richest man in the world, they are giving away 90% of their wealth to make a difference.  Don’t wait until you become a millionaire.
  • Start with spend quality time with family, make small trips, hiking on the weekend, turn off the TV and have a board game night.  Tell them you love them, make them lunch with notes.   For your community, who do you want to influence?   I have 2 kids and I care for children.  I’ve been with Compassion International for last 9 years to help several kids in other countries to go to school and support.  I contribute little money that makes a whole life-changing experience for those kids and reading their letters makes me happy.  School, Church or any organization you could help with time or materially in your community.
  • Block Family Time & Travel time to create memories and visit family in distance, small trip or big trip, where family together is matters.   We schedule for our travel time around kids off-school season to travel small or big trips to create more memories and enjoy what’s important to you and fuels you to keep going with your career and dream that you are working on.
  • Dream BIG: you have heard, Thoughts become reality.  I visualize myself often, what would I be doing and who I want to impact the world to create an extraordinary life.  Especially working with women and children in the US and overseas.  I don’t know what your dream for your life, start dreaming, start planning today.
  • Here are some suggestions: Think about what if you were 10 times stronger, 10 times wealthier, 10 times confident, what would you be doing?  Don’t limit yourself to the past and current situation.  You never know what you are capable of, think every day what you can DARE to live Exceptional life.

For concluding this making this year exceptionally positive and better. I’m not looking ahead to plan on 10 years or 20 years, I’m planning to live the better life for this year and I will plan according to because this year is right NOW, not in some day.

And for those perfectionists, life isn’t perfect, we mess up all the time.  We need to show up with the best attitude and optimistic about life and do the Best you can every moment.

Thank God we have 24 hours and go to sleep and we get to start all over again the next day.  Let’s not carry our yesterday or past hold you back what you are capable of.

I know it requires self-discipline to make these things happen, it might be challenged in the beginning and put effort into making it a habit, then it will get easier and become part of you.

If you want to feel fulfilled and feel like winning every day, this is the formula.  These habits and small changes will lead to your successful and happy life now and for your amazing future!

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