4 Truthful Facts Must Know about Online Marketing Business!

4 Truthful Facts Must Know about Online Marketing Business!
Are you on Social Media to build your business? OR Generating leads to make money online?

Today, I want to talk to you about 4 Facts you must know about Online Marketing Business.

As you know, today’s world if you don’t have an online presence, pretty much you are a dinosaur. Look at ToyRUs, do you know how long they have been in business? It has been 65 yrs and its worldwide business, but they announced it about a month ago, they are closing their business. Can you believe that? You know, it’s not their toys are higher price or not the best toys. It’s Amazon! Amazon outsold toys way more than Toy are US company. ToyRUs is closing because they have an outdated system to stay in Business. It’s tragic, but it’s the painful truth that we must accept and learn. So which mean if you have a business, you MUST be online to get customers and make sales in this digital world whether you run a donut store, hair salon, real estate professionals or network marketing business. But before you start, I want to warn you and educate you in these 4 truthful facts about online marketing business.

1. It’s not easy, period!
it’s not just copying what others do and try to make money. You need to accept the fact that it will take time to build your audience and knowing how to sell. You will face the challenges knowing how to do things, some of the skills you have to learn to build a business. Also, the hard part is the psychology part that why you didn’t get much of the likes and comments on your post Or why the ad didn’t work…..You will drive yourself nuts. I know those gurus, they make seem like easy to do, so you can buy their products, right? I drank that portion myself. The thing is it’s very rare that you get the result immediately. Because you guys are a different person, different personality, a different way of speaking. So, you may need to learn, certain skills to build your business and these days, it became “skillful” work and we need to accept that and go to work and learn those skills.

2. It’s gonna cost you financially to start a successful business online.
You probably have seen courses that promise the solutions for everything you need to know, and you put your bank account and put your faith in all in one basket and hoping it works out. You probably bought programs that cost a few hundred to a few thousand. I’m totally Guilty of that and it didn’t work like what they said. Those people are just dang great at sales. Truth is, it doesn’t have to costs you thousands of dollars to buy a program to start your business. However, you need to learn certain skills, how the Facebook Ads work, and you will face the trial and errors to run better ads eventually. In the beginning, you can learn a lot from Youtube and Google search and may purchase a few courses that a couple of hundred bucks. And if you like the person what they teach, then go through their blog, you will learn tons of it while you reading… also, you are learning about copywriting at the same time. Once you get some results, then you may spend more in marketing dollars for multiple sites and run ads OR hire someone to outsource other technical skills. Of course, you need some programs for an autoresponder, building your funnels and a few other programs.

3. It takes TIME to build your business to have passive income to build online.
In regular business, most of the company make a profit after 3-5 years. Because being online it doesn’t mean less, but most cases, after purchasing a course, you may think, you should make money right away and when it’s not, we get frustrated. So my advice is Be patient and do daily activities to build your business and goal to make first $1000 and go from there. Not 6 figure income in 6 months… and actually I bought that program and it cost me $3000! Shocking, I know, right? So don’t make the mistakes that I made. There were about 50 people with me in the program and 90% people didn’t get value. They were presenting the $500 course in the fancier package and promise that you are all set to make 6 figures. Guess what the person who sold $3000 program, she was doing this online business for over 15 years and have a million fans, go figure.

4. The truth about online marketing, Just Be yourself online,
What I mean by, you don’t need a fancy house, fancy car or vacation to show off to others to attract to you. The reality is 80% people are just like you, average people, trying to build their business. Only 5% on top, can afford those fancy things and spend millions of dollars to have professional videos and fancy things. Also, they spend a lot of money on marketing. The most important thing in online, Be genuine, giving value to your audience, what they need and share what you believe in your product and services. The key is consistency, daily basis, whether you are posting on social media or writing a blog or creating videos to your audience with great contents. And understand where you are now, building consistently lead you to more audience and finding right tunes for your online business. I cannot stress you enough, about being you and share what you know and keep learning and growing in this digital world. Maybe in 3 years, you are up on the stage, finally figured it all out.

So to sum up, those 4 truths about online marketing, first, It’s not easy to build business and accept the challenges and learn skills. Second, it’s going to cost you financially to build, but don’t buy thousands of dollars on a program. Third, it takes time to build, so Be patient with the process. Lastly, just be yourself online, don’t compare yourself anyone and Start with what you have and what you know.
Well that’s it for today and I wish you got value and I appreciate what you like and comment, so I can do more what you LIKE.

Thank you! Victoria

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